Griffin Aikido – Program for Young People

“Learner to Leader Program” 

The Griffin Aikido ‘Program for Young People’ is focused on providing a progressive ‘Learner to Leader’ approach to the practice of Aikido.
This approach involves students beginning as a learner and progressing to a leader for each of the colour belt levels, moving from White Belt to Purple Belt. Following graduation from the ‘Program for Young People’ students are then assessed for placement in the Program for ‘Teens and Adults’ based on proficiency. The emphasis of the program is on undertaking successive ‘Learner to Leader’ cycles with students experiencing a journey from learning new skills, practicing those skills to gain proficiency, and then assisting others to learn the skills. Students are then graded to move to the next level, with students encouraged to reflect on the journey as part of the grading process.

The ‘Learner to Leader’ process begins with learning a set of techniques and movements for the level, which is recognised by the achievement of a first tip (applied as tape to the base belt), followed by undertaking sufficient practice (both in class and in own time) to become proficient, recognised with a second tip. Once both tips have been achieved the student focuses on providing leadership to students who are learning and practicing the skills as part of the proficiency level, before moving to the next belt colour. Once students achieve Purple Belt they form part of the leadership team and support the entire class while also undertaking advanced practice with the Senesi prior to grading for placement in the ‘Teens and Adults’ class.

The three stages of progression in each colour belt level are:

  • Learn: The initial stage focuses on providing students with instruction on the core set of Aikido practices required for the particular level of proficiency (including associated language and dress code). Each level has a curriculum for students to develop proficiency in before progressing to the next level. Levels include a focus on rituals, balance and stance, effective holds, safe landing techniques and a set of Aikido movements. 
  • Practice: Once students have learned the curriculum for the level, and receive their first tip, the focus is on undertaking effective practice to become proficient, to achieve the second tip. Through an emphasis on ‘practice before progression’ students experience learning a new skill and then taking the time to practice without expecting themselves or others to be proficient without suitable levels of practice. Students are encouraged to practice at home to compliment practice undertaken in class. 
  • Lead: Once the student has demonstrated proficiency the focus is on providing leadership and peer-to-peer instruction to students learning and practicing the skills. The students will work with the Sensei to provide demonstrations of the skills to both inform learning of other students and allow advanced practice in the implementation of such skills with the Sensei in preparation for the final grading. The student will also be instructed in an advanced skill by the Sensei for demonstration at the grading.

 Griffin Aikido – Program for Young People Syllabus


Griffin Aikido – Program For Adults and Teens

We follow the  Adult grading syllabus from the Institute of Aikido Australia

The AikiKIDS syllabus has been specially developed by Griffin Aikido to prepare students for progression into more advanced Aikido with the 14yrs +, & adults classes.