We train in the traditional Japanese martial art of Aikido, our sensei is 5th Dan Robert Griffin.

The Institute of Aikido Australia (IOAA) is our affiliate head dojo, they are based in Perth Western Australia with 7th Dan, Sensei John Langley being principle instructor.

Our philosophy at GRIFFIN Aikido, as is with the IOAA, is to respect the practice of traditional post World War II training, with a strong ethos of peace and harmony. We also strongly believe in remembering and acknowledging the history of pre World War II Aikido, training with notion that Aikido is a Martial Art and should be trained in as such; bringing ancient skills and techniques of Budo into our ever-changing modern society.

Included in training is:

  • 1:1 training

  • Multiple attacks

  • Weapons; knife/tanto, sword/bokken & staff

  • Safe Landing/Rolling skills

  • Meditation

Respect, joy and a zest for life is evident to any who join us at our dojo.


Training Times

Tuesday & Thursday Nights:

Junior Aiki-KIDS (5 – 6yrs)  *4pm – 5pm

Aiki-KIDS (7 – 13yrs) *5:15 – 6:15pm   

  • All Aiki-KIDS classes run during school terms only.  
  • Parents are welcome & encouraged to join this class & offered the family discount

Adults training (14yrs & up) * 6:30pm – 8pm                        

  • Run all year – minus special events

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Sensei Rob Griffin, 5th Dan
Aiki-KIDS having fun learning to move out of the way...
Aiki-KIDS in meditation